Mission Statement

The Black Catholic Theological Symposium is a national interdisciplinary theological society of the Roman Catholic tradition.
The Symposium was established to:

a) foster among Black Catholics an ethical community of scholarly dialogue characterized by

(1) commitment to the fundamental humanity of all persons; and
(2) regard for the plurality of cultural, ethnic backgrounds and religious experience among Black peoples;
(3) the development of a theology which is authentically Black and truly Catholic;

b) to publish reports, the Symposium’s discussions, and research of Symposium membership;

c) to encourage the teaching and discussion of Black Catholic religious and cultural experiences and thought within the theology and/or religious studies curriculum of colleges, universities, and seminaries;

d) to encourage the identification and development of Black Catholic Scholars in the fields of Theology, Liturgy, Ethics, Canon Law, Church History, Biblical studies etc;

e) to enable the identification and development of theoretically grounded practitioners in the fields of pastoral ministry and religious education; and

f) to encourage theologically and theoretically grounded ministry and program development responsive to the needs of Black Catholics within the Church and society.