Peer Review Process

The Journal of the Black Catholic Theological Symposium is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes the original research of the members of the BCTS and a select few others whose research is relevant to the mission of the organization.

The review process is a blind peer review. Electronic copies of papers and reviews are sent directly to a member of the editorial board via email attachment (; AND; AND The editorial board then selects at least one scholar in the discipline of the paper submitted and sends the paper to the reviewer. In some cases the author may be asked to identify scholars to review the submission.

The reviewer is asked to read the paper carefully and, using the Review Guidelines, recommend one of the following actions:

  1. Publish without revision
  2. Publish with minor revisions
  3. Reject and revise/resubmit
  4. Reject

The author is then contacted with the reviewer’s comments. If the reviewer recommends “reject and revise/resubmit,” the editorial board is committed to working with the author to improve the manuscript for resubmission, possibly in the same year’s volume, time permitting. The review and editorial process can take up to several months depending on the time of year of submission and the difficulty in identifying a reviewer.

If the author has any questions he/she is urged to contact a member of the editorial board.